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oh please.

i wish for more treats
i wish mummyting can bring me for walks regularly
i wish for more toys so i can bitebite
I want to tour around the world with mummyting
I want to go eastcoast with mummyting again
tag me k:)

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Hello. My name is Baby Ting.
:D! im born on dec 12th
Im 1year+
I love to eat just like my mummy :}
Im black tan gold brown
dont bully me,i'll bite you
i would love to meet other puppies and doggies ^^
tag me when u passby,i'll try to update regularly.Hehe.

Friday, October 9, 2009!
HandWritten on; 12:02 PM

im bringing baby to have fun tml :) hope she will be happy.haha! today she is so fascintated with her new toy~ a frisbeee.in red.hoho.hope she will be happy tml. i love her...i dont want her to ever ever leave me ): can i keep her by my side forever??? will update again tml.about our trip to somewhere fun & nice.......how i wish baby knows english and knows how to blog.so she can read what this blog is all about....i want her to know that i love her alot.heheheeh.although she is damn naughty..haha..hope baby have fun ! :D

Tuesday, October 6, 2009!
HandWritten on; 12:36 PM

I must not neglect my dearest baby blog:D so im here blogging now.she had not been eating really great this few days.Its all my fault.Didnt really bring her down for walks also...She really need to get fresh air!! Will be bringing her down for walks before i get busy ): And beside her appetite,she is really good now.haha.except that she is still as naughty as ever.Had finish her previous heat:D Will bring her for sterilistation in dec...just nice approx 2mths aft her heat:) Wonder will that really change her mood and character? hopefull not.done so research too.Some say yes,some say no?Hmmm..Anyway,i had some photos with me...but not uploaded yet...Will put some soon.Sorry for so many words man..

Just wanted to write about baby...All this writted would be wonderful memories..it had been alot of mths since i got her..never regretted.though she is naughty and love to bite my family! haha. She dont really bite me...And always lay on her fav spot on my bed.Super cute right...She dont ley people lay at the spot one.even me also...hehe..okay i shall go to sleeep.will update her picture again (: