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oh please.

i wish for more treats
i wish mummyting can bring me for walks regularly
i wish for more toys so i can bitebite
I want to tour around the world with mummyting
I want to go eastcoast with mummyting again
tag me k:)

Link me & i link you :)
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Hello. My name is Baby Ting.
:D! im born on dec 12th
Im 1year+
I love to eat just like my mummy :}
Im black tan gold brown
dont bully me,i'll bite you
i would love to meet other puppies and doggies ^^
tag me when u passby,i'll try to update regularly.Hehe.

Friday, July 31, 2009!
HandWritten on; 8:05 AM

Babyting wont be going for sterilisation tml.All appt fixed full already.Booked too late ): Will be having ear check up soon...Hope her ear is okay.Babyting is sleeping now thats why im blogging for her.She will update soon :) Nights...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009!
HandWritten on; 12:10 PM

Updates time ! (babyting is going for her sterilisation this sat) -MUMMYTING.

Im here to update.Tryinng to snatch com frm mummy.I rotted at home today.Went for walkwalk this few days.Not very long walk as mummy had school.So i was so bored @ home,wwatching teebee,Sleep(fav),Eat(most fav) & play with jiejie and ahma & ahgong :} I still miss my mummy though! Nowadays people keep stepping on my feet.Make me yell in pain.Tabuleh Tahan ): No choice.But i always see them eat, i will want to eat also.I can jump very high too! Is super high.Dont believe ask my mummy. I need bathing.But sat mummy say bringing me to someplace.Duno where.Isit a nice place?isit good and fun?We will know on sat..Something to do with the word 'S' . I seldome bites already.Though i still love to bite. Hehe.im trying to change my habit. But mostly, i dont bite my mummy. Hehe. Okay.Mummy just now try to put in cage,but i hide behind chair.then she moved the chair away, she try to carry me,but i jump on sofa and look at her innocently(sort of stare), then she just laughed and sayang me.And let me sleep in the sofa.Happy girlgirl me :)

Goodnight.I really need to sleep already.Byebye.Will update real soon.Do staytune okay.I love to have readers.hehe.Byebye.

Sunday, July 19, 2009!
HandWritten on; 8:36 AM

Played with babyting today.Hide her bone & let her find.The whole family playing with her sia.Hehe.She managed to find it.Clever girl of mine! Lol. She is getting ready to sleep now.sleeping posture ready.Haha.Ysd her sleeping pose was super cute.Din managed to take her pic down.Her teeth was all shown when sleeping.so uber cute.Hao la.Ending this post.Will post more peektures of her soon (:

Saturday, July 18, 2009!
HandWritten on; 8:46 AM

babyting with hair and singlet

Babyting was sick this few days.Had gastric probs..had been taking medicine again.so kelian for my dear girl ): she is feeling better already (: Growing bigger & bigger already.My dear girl grow quite fast.Last weigh was 3.1kg. haha.But she is getting naughtier! Anw,she is sleeping now.will update again! Her hair is slowly growing backkkk too! YEAHHHH!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009!
HandWritten on; 5:20 PM

Babyting is up on twitter! Follow follow !

HandWritten on; 4:32 PM

What babyting bring us was all joy & laughters.i love babyting.
quote ' by mummyting.