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oh please.

i wish for more treats
i wish mummyting can bring me for walks regularly
i wish for more toys so i can bitebite
I want to tour around the world with mummyting
I want to go eastcoast with mummyting again
tag me k:)

Link me & i link you :)
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Hello. My name is Baby Ting.
:D! im born on dec 12th
Im 1year+
I love to eat just like my mummy :}
Im black tan gold brown
dont bully me,i'll bite you
i would love to meet other puppies and doggies ^^
tag me when u passby,i'll try to update regularly.Hehe.

Sunday, March 29, 2009!
HandWritten on; 11:32 AM


HandWritten on; 11:21 AM

peeking in process...eh no treats???

humps. really no treats lor!! :(

This is me before shower ( in chinese is call pompom )
my mama say i am smiling! am i ?
TAG ME to tell me ur ans! HEHEHEHE.

eh this post more pics right! hhaha. anw, my collar and leash is both PINK la.ALAMAK.my mama love pink till lidat . i scared she paint me pink lor.dun tink she wont hor :X (hope mama wont see this)


Saturday, March 21, 2009!
HandWritten on; 7:30 AM

cos mama was busy today.

woof. back to blog. i didnt have my jab.cos of alot of things.gg have jab soon.veryvery soon. & my weight is 1.9 kg hor. i tink is purfect lor. haha. today mama told me her besties say i keep woof in my blog. shld nt woof anymore, later make my mama paiseh! IAM NICE PUP. miss my mama . whole day not at home! MISS MY MAMA. but come back i wana eat her hair lor. as in lick.mama so scared of me.haha. cos its her precious hair.

anw,thn i bite her. very fierce. then she lock me in cage :( sob.then i quiet lor.she scold me.but i noe she loves me alot.just that i naughty lor.but yeah i started to pee and poo on the thingy alr.and nv anyhow pee & poo. i bet my mama loves me. especially my ahma okay! :)

i miss & love my mama.i love wangwang also. hehe.nice treats ok. its wangwang for puppy la.no worries! i dun eat human wangwang. mama wont gimme de lo.

anw, i am off to slp. mama forget put my toy in the cage. then i played with my foodbowl.hehe. then upside down lor.i dun like choco drops :( i love wangwang.

&&& very soon im able to go for walkwalk downstairs :D

Friday, March 20, 2009!
HandWritten on; 10:07 AM

Hello! i am Huixin's baby! blogging here! This is my first entry *wooof* tell u abt my day! Today, i wake up lor.Saw my ahma (huixin's mama) go out exercise. Then i woof so many times lor! She dun care lor.Then nvm.Waited for my ahgong (huixin's papa) ! He very the good lor! feed me eat leh! happyhappy!! :)) i got doggy treat's! PROPLAN de! yummmy. WOOOF! then eat my fooood. like koko crunch de. wooofwooof.
Then , i woof lor. woof tiill tired then suddenly, my owner huixin wake up lor.she say i woof too loud lor! :( dden i dun care :X woof and woof. den they lemme come out lor! so happy lor! hehe.then i wagged my tail lor. like wan to drop liao . *WOOOOOFFFFF* then i go out at the living rm pee lor. cos i like to pee there. WOOOOF. then i play lor. run and run. keep panting.

Very de tired hor.they feed me eat medicine lor. pink and yellow de! WOOOF. not nice lor.they trick me lor.keep put doggy treat and put medi in my mouth. i die die dun open lor. but the doggie treat too nice le. NO CHOICE! :( WOOOOOOOOFFFFFFFWOOOOFFF!
then i eat le. play with family lor.wooof. then i started to get drowsy. den i go lie on floor.then huixin keep disturb me lor.i bite her, she keep ask me sit lor.but i guai lo. i sit lor.WOOOOF. then i nv bite lo.cos i tot got doggie treat ma.chey lor. then i slp lor

den i go pee on floor lo.ahma piak my butt lo.sian :( WOOOOF. then i kena go inside cage lor.i like ahma nails lor.red color WOOOF! my ahma also thot i bite her lor. ok la.sometimes i bite lor.cos she always piak my butt lor. WOOOOF.
then eat lunch and dinner lor. woooof. i love doggie treats lo.WOOOF. WOOOF.WOOOF.den i go sleep again lor.nth to do ma.then ahma bought toys for me lor. a chewy stick.& a weird shaped toy lor.i love lor. i finish my chewy stick le. fast right.WOOOF. then i left the hardhard toy wierdd shape de lor. WOOOFFF~

then they also bought me a peeing thing lor.so funny lor. i dun lke lor. i like to pee on floor.WOOOF. then everytime they carry me,my heart like wan to drop lor.cos i scared they drop me lor.i hurt my left hand lor. u all noe abt that? sian lor! WOOOOF. nvm lor. i recovering alr.WOOOF

FOR YOUR INFO : i am having my 3rd jab tml! woooof. last jab le.WOOOF. then i can go down walk walk see dapor le hor.WOOOF.. for your info, i am zhar bo. WOOOOF.i wan present. DEC hor. WOOOOF. i wan doggie treats hor. wooof. WOOOF. woooof.


i will update probably tonight. WOOFWOOFWOOOF. *wwinkkks*